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╰☆╮ 21st birthday promo╰☆╮


okay okay so TODAY is my birthday so I wanted to do a cool promo for you hella fine bitches hehe. and also maybe this is a good time to mention i just hit 10k followers???? and that i love each and every one of you with all my heart??? 

** i am going to pick 21 blogs to follow that reblogged this post hehe**

so get this:

  • mbf this soon to be alcoholic (it’s me, and it’s a joke silly)
  • r e b l o g this post, likes get ya in the pit
  • unlimited until tonight at 12 AM!
  • mutuals bolded
  • favorites ♠ 
  • new follows +f
  • come and let’s be friends

alrighty then, i think that’s it! uwu  imageimage

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"I am trying to figure out what the f*** twitter is for."

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Leo, Bad Boy.



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Now I’m alive and my ghosts are gone I’ve shed all the pain I’ve been holding on - SN: 10x01
The End Where - The Script

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1.11 / 9.23

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not broken just bent; 

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"This industry breeds self-involvement. But I’ve a brother who will find me and fart on me if I start pulling that crap."
Chris Pratt, Irish Idependent Insider (2014)

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#abaddon  #supernatural  #red  #school q  

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Icarus is flying too close to the sun
And Icarus's life, it has only just begun
And this is how it feels to take a fall
Icarus is flying towards an early grave

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